BITUMEN-POLYMER MASTIC FIX Битумно-полимерная Мастика FIX

Bitumen-polymer mastic FIX is a multi-component mass consisting of SBS-modified petroleum bitumen and organic solvent.

Used to install and repair roll roofing and glue piece roofing and waterproofing materials (Bitumen shingles), in addition to roll roofing and waterproofing materials.

Mastic is used to repair and install roofing and waterproofing.

On the roof:

  • Gluing of bitumen and bitumen-polymer roll materials;
  • Installing and repairing mastic roofing;
  • Sealing seams between the roof covering and structures;
  • Installing roof drains;
  • Waterproofing.


Fix masticis a ready-to-use product which should be stirred well before use and applied to a dry and clean surface with any painting tool (a brush, a roller, a spatula). Once mastic solidifies, the coating will be strong and elastic.

Product Features
Depth of needle penetration under 25 ºС, at least 0.1 mm 50
Strength of adhesion to base, mPa, under 20ºС 0,5
Glue joint tearing resistance kN/m, at least 2
Shear bond strength, kN/m, at least 4
Brittleness temperature (ºС), no more -30
Package Characteristics
Five-hour heat resistance to temperature, ºС +110
24-hour water absorption, %, per mass, no more 1
Weight ratio of non-volatile components,%, at least 75
Layer drying time, hours 12-24
Strength of adhesion between layers, mPa, at least 0.5