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Maintaining product quality at required level

Production and quality control


CJSC Diversified Industrial Company KRZ operates on industrial grounds of over 40 hectares. This territory accommodates four diverse productions, including production of roofing and waterproofing material.

High quality of company products rests upon three elements:

  • Modern equipment
  • Quality raw materials thoroughly checked before use
  • Skilled specialists

A machine producing glass-based bitumen-polymer materials was commissioned in 1996.

In 1998, the quality lab developed a technology for coloring dressing compound, and production of bitumen shingles began.

We implemented a major project in 2012: a next-generation line producing ROOFSHIELD bitumen shingles for pitched roofs was started up. The project was based on the line of an acclaimed century-old U.S. Company, Reichel & Drews, and the product output reached 15 mln sq m.

New equipment of the bitumen shingles production line makes shingles with unique properties, various forms, exclusive geometric precision and stability, and unprecedented diversity of colors.


Features the highest degree of automation and precise sensors minimizing the human factor. The line is operated by computers and control panels, which increase precision of compliance with technological parameters, improve product quality, and raise labor productivity.


Quality control is an integral part of the production process. CJSC Diversified Industrial Company KRZ operates a laboratory certified by Russian and European standards.
The laboratory uses modern instruments to exercise constant multi-level quality control of raw materials and end products which, together with strict technological discipline, ensures production of only quality materials.