Valley membrane roofshield - roll bitumen-polymer roofing and waterproofing material.

It is used for making junctions and valley on pitched roofs. Valley mat can be with large-grain or scaly dressing compound on the top side and powder or small-grain dressing compound on the bottom side of the mat.

Product Features
Weight, 1 kg\ sq m. 4,0 - 6,0
Weight of the basis, g/sq.m.,not lower 50
Binding weight on the underside, kg / sq., not less 1,5
Binder fragility temperature, K (°C), not higher than 248(минус 25)
Water absorption during 24 hours, mass %, not higher 1
Tensile strenght N (kgf), not less Polyester non-woven mat 333(34)
Losses of dressing, g / sample, not more 1
Heat resistance during 2 hours, at the temperature, C +100
Flexibility at testing on a rod with a radius, mm 25
There should be no cracks on the sample surface at a temperature, С, not higher -15
Adhesion of granules, g/sample of loss, not more 0.5
Package Characteristics
Sq m per pack 10
Packweight, kg 45
Pallet weight with pallet, kg 930
Number of packs per pallet, pieces 20