Hi, My name is Ajay Tannu, India. We have been in the shingles business from 2006 and have worked with companies like Saint Gobain, Owens corning and IKO, untill we saw Roofshield shingles in 2013. It did not take much time for us to understand the superiority of the Roofshiled shingles, as we had an experience of installing shingles of over 3.5 millions sq. ft., in various projects, and having faced previously some problem or the other with other brands. From the time we started Roofshield shingles, all our customers were more than happy to switch to Roofshiled because of : A. Superiority of Roofshiled shingles over other brands. B. Vibrancy in colours, and C. Flexibility of the shingles. We are shortly receiving an order for export of Roofshiled shingles also. We look forward in having a long term and fruitful association with Roofshield not only for shingles but for their other products too. Best Regards Ajay Tannu - Director